Audio production in New York's Catskill Mountains


Welcome to Kaatscast –– a biweekly podcast delivering interviews, arts, culture, and history, from New York’s Catskill mountains. Please subscribe, and be the first to hear all the great content, from quick interviews with Catskills locals, to full-length audio driving tours and fully-produced audiobooks. Launched January, 2020.

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Sound Beat

Sound Beat is a daily 90-second show highlighting  the holdings of the Belfer Audio Archive. The Belfer is part of the Syracuse University Libraries, and is one of the largest sound archives in the United States. Each episode focuses on one particular recording from the Archive, and provides a back story detailing its place in recording history. Sound Beat host narration is recorded at Silver Hollow Audio.

House Calls Podcast

In 2019, Silver Hollow Audio produced 15 episodes of House Calls Podcast, a “Car Talk for home improvement.”